SOCIAL SPARKLE: Meet Gucci’s Alessandro Michele @lallo25

Meet Alessandro Michele (@lallo25)  the Creative Director of Gucci. What we love best about this imaginative genius is his passion for all things antique and Victorian, right down to his jewelry collection. His Instagram feed is full of items that inspire his designs for the famed fashion house such as 17th Century paintings, images of Kings and Queens, memento mori and religious icons and portraits. His private collections have become part of his public reimagining of Gucci. He told The New Yorker that he did not regret the loss of privacy: “I feel that, as an artist, the big point is to share, and to let people think about what you are showing,” he said. “Sharing isn’t anything that scares me. My house, my life, my way to live, for me is kind of a masterpiece.”

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Source: @lallo25